Euro-Toques International

Founders of the European Food Forum

Within the European Parliament, in the context of the Green Deal, for 2022 and beyond, the European Food Forum is being formed with the strategy of Farm 2 Fork (F2F). With this formula, the European Commission wants to give shape to a sustainable circular food system. It was about time, however, the voice and the substantive message of Euro-Toques International has not only been heard, but is now also being followed up in practice.

Since 1986, the founders of Euro-Toques International have included the F2F formula as the only restaurant organization in the world in their Code of Honor. In addition to the artisanal processing of regional and seasonal products, they have built a barrier against the use of unhealthy artificial additives and the unbridled food waste. Since the beginning of 2018, Euro-Toques Netherlands has again been actively represented on the board of Euro-Toques International, and has focused closely on making explicit use of the official voice that ETI has in the meetings of the European Commission on food, agriculture and fisheries.

No fewer than 4 European Commissioners, led by Frans Timmermans himself, will roll out the policy through the European Food Forum to ensure the use of healthy food within fair, sustainable, short and transparent supply chains. Within the Netherlands, according to various experts, the application of this policy alone can save food waste of more than 30.5 million kilos. This equates to a saving of 291 million euros per year and a reduction of 60,500 tons kg/CO2 emissions per year. Our Code of Honor fits in seamlessly with this. In order to achieve this objective, joining the Dutch division of Euro-Toques is accompanied by a strict selection process and is sealed with the official honorable inauguration and signing of the Code of Honor.

Yolande Vesters voorzitter Euro-ToquesEuro-Toques Nederland also distinguishes itself as the only restaurant organization with its own inspectors with regard to compliance with the Code of Honor. This unique Code expressly states that members may only use natural, preferably regional and seasonal products, whereby as little residual waste is produced as possible. As a member of Euro-Toques Nederland, you can also exchange ideas with your international colleagues about the application of the F2F formula and/or the principle of “head to tail” so that as little as possible is wasted. You can experience this yourself by visiting one of our members. You will not only receive a warm and friendly welcome from our members without unnecessary frills, but you will also be surprised with tasty dishes that comply with the origins of the Code of Honor.

You can recognize the Euro-Toques Nederland restaurants by the member shield of Euro-Toques Nederland, which may only be hung on the facade of the strictly selected members. The menu with balanced portions of fresh regional and seasonal products guarantees the realization of the European F2F objectives.

In short, experience for yourself that the application of the Code of Honor goes hand in hand with tasty, sustainable and culinary.

Bon Appetit
Yolande Vesters, President Euro-Toques Netherlands